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The Benefits of Sandbag Training by Matt Palfrey

As a coach, I’m always looking for ways to give my athletes the edge in training. I know that smart and effective training produces great results and this, in turn, improves performance.

The BodyWOD likes Brute Force Sandbags!
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The sandbag is one of the most under utilized training aids for strength, endurance, and power. In this article I’d like to discuss what makes it such an effective tool and how everyone can integrate sandbags into their training regime.

“This thing is awkward to lift”

For me, the greatest benefit of the sandbag is the fact that it is awkward to lift. The load is constantly shifting, or at least requires effort to stabilise, and this produces an effect far removed from conventional weight training. The sandbag is not ergonomically designed to make it easier to lift – it makes you work hard for each repetition. The result is that you build strength and conditioning that can be applied in the real world. Scientists would call this ‘ecological validity’.


•Original Brute Force design

•8 soft, low profile handles

•Made with smooth and tough 1000D Cordura- a material used by the US Military

•No rubber handles to break or grind into your skin

•The ultimate sandbag tool for conditioning

•1000D Mil-Spec Velcro

•YKK Mil-Spec zipper

•Machine Washable

•No materials are used that will deteriorate

•100% Made in Denver, Colorado

•The perfect fitness sandbag for all your needs

•30 Day money back guarantee


Weight Loss Secrets

What should I do to start losing weight?

As a fitness and weight loss expert there is one question that I get asked more than any other question.

“So what should I do to lose 10 or 15 pounds?”

Oh, if only I had a dollar for every time I have heard that question from people anxiously waiting to hear the “secret” answer…

…having chosen the role of helping others in their seemingly endless quest to lose weight, it is probably expected I know how to instantly answer this question. It is probably the curse of all top personal trainers. How does one answer such dynamic and ever-changing question? Especially when the person asking the question is expectantly to hear from me exactly which magic pill to take that will burn the fat away while they sleep.

Unfortunately (and you may not want to hear this), the magic pill does not exist. If it did exist, the odds are very good it would have numerous, damaging side-effects and simply would not be worth the no-doubt limited effects.

In the past, I would attempt to educate the person asking the question. I would tell them about the “secrets” of true (healthy) and permanent weight loss. Usually this deluge of information was way more than they had thought they would receive, and certainly more than they were prepared to handle all at once.

weight-loss-fitness-programInstead of passing this information to one person at a time, overloading their brains, I decided I would instead put together this blog. What I post here details much of the information I attempt to pass on to people in person. I hope you enjoy it, take it to heart, and learn how you can quickly and permanently get rid of that unwelcome fat!

What I post in this blog is as-true-as-it-gets and is a part of everything I do when training my clients; be that at my highly successful Fitness Boot Camp or at the box doing CrossFit. By using the basic principals in this program, I have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people just like you establish and even jump start their weight loss goals by dropping as much as 10 pounds of healthy weight loss in only 6 weeks, and steam rolling 20 pounds or more in only 12 weeks. You now have the same system we use in your very hands. Are you ready to finally achieve your goals once and for all?

If the answer is emphatically YES, then join the revolution! Make the decision to say NO to the crap diet, the gimmicky exercise equipment and the ridiculous claims these fad programs make. Try out out Boot Camp Series or follow the BodyWOD (Workout Of the Day) and I guarantee you’ll see the results you are looking for!!

Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 6, Day 7

Assessment time! CONGRATULATIONS on making it to the end of Series 2! If you have completed the first and second series, you have gone through 12 weeks of strength building, calorie crushing, body weight workouts. You have increased your flexibility, range of motion, strength and endurance. In other words, you are a ROCK STAR!

How have you been doing through Series 2? Have you been keeping up the momentum? What sort of progress do you think you’ve made? We’re back to the assessment today – knock it out and see how far you have come in 12 weeks!

10 Minutes, Mobility Work

Body Weight Fitness Test:
Max Reps, 2 minutes – Push-Up
Max Reps, 2 minutes – Sit-Up
Max Time, Plank
Max Time, 1 Mile Run

Take no more than 3 minutes between each exercise.

10 Minutes, Suicide Sprints
10m increments over 30m course.

Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 6, Day 6

100m Inch Worm Walk
20 Bench Dips
Max Reps Push-Ups

Body Weight “Nick”

12 Rounds for Time:
10 Pistol Squats, Right
10 Jump Squats
10 Pistol Squats, Left
6 Handstand push-ups

10 Minutes -
Test Handstand
If not confident with the handstand, do 10 minutes of handstand progression
Test Forward Roll Work
If not confident with the forward roll, do 10 minutes of forward roll
Work on Handstand to Forward Roll Progression:

U.S. Army Specialist Nicholas P. Steinbacher, 22, of La Crescenta, California, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, based in Fort Hood, Texas, died on December 10, 2006 of injuries suffered when insurgents attacked his Humvee with an improvised explosive device in Baghdad, Iraq. He is survived by his parents Paul and Carolyn, and brothers Dan and Kirk.

Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 6, Day 5

2 Rounds of:
Max Effort Wall-Squat
15 Jump Squats

6 Rounds of:
12 Sandbag Squat and Throw
6 Strict Pull-Ups

2 Rounds of:
20 Box Jumps
50 Supine Bicycle Kicks (1 Leg, 1 Rep)

Sandbag Squat and Throw


Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 6, Day 4


2 Rounds of:
1 mile Ruck (backpack) (40lbs/20lbs)
Rest 5:00

Rest Day

2 Rounds of:
Max Effort Plank
20 Hollow Rocks
Max L-Sit
Rest 30 seconds

Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 6, Day 3


2 Rounds of:
 7 Pistol Squats, Right
 Max Reps Pull-Ups
 7 Pistol Squats, Left

10 rounds, each for time of:
15 Push-ups
Sprint 60 yards
Rest 60 seconds

10 minutes – Work on Cartwheel progression

Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 6, Day 2

100m Burpee Broad Jump

Body Weight “Amanda”

Three rounds, 18-14-10 rep rounds, for time of:
Burpee Pull-Up
Ring Dip / Bar Dip
HSPU (or L-Push-Up)
Jump Squats

12 Pass-Throughs (PVC or dowel rod)
6 Skin-the-Cats and hold for 10 seconds
3 Wall Walk-Ups*

*Wall Walk-Up – with your feet against the wall, start in a push-up position. It does take some coordination, but place your feet on the wall and begin walking your hands back, keeping your body as straight as possible. As your hands walk back, your feet will need to “walk up” the wall.

Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 6, Day 1

For 10 Reps – Start in the push-up position and begin walking your hands out over your head. Go as far as you can extend your hands. When you feel like you can go no further, walk your hands back.

Sprint triathlon
For time:
Swim 750 meters
Bike 20K
Run 5K

Post time to comments.

Walk a cool down 400m
 10 High Kicks each leg
 Sit Squat Mobility, 60s

Body Weight Workouts – Series 2, Week 5, Day 7

Bench Dip
Diamond Push-Ups
Suspension Row

Rest Day

“Short Tosh”
Run: 3 x (100m + 200m + 400m)

Tosh: Rest the exact time it takes you to complete the interval in each set
(Ex: 200m Run takes 35 Sec, Rest 35 Sec, then Run 400m, Rest 400m time, etc…)

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